Recycling PolytheneAt The Polythene Company our aim is to not only reduce environmental impact ourselves, but also to help our customers achieve the same. We implement a strict environmental policy which ensures that we exercise proper control over our activities to discourage environmentally damaging and wasteful practices.

What do we do to help reduce our impact on the environment?

  • We offer an extensive range of products that are kinder to our environment.
  • All of our polythene and polypropylene products are fully recyclable whether they have been printed on or not.
  • The printed or coloured films are dyed in the recycling process and are used for products like black bin liners. The clear waste is made back into clear film (although the end product is slightly cloudier than virgin film) – we buy this film back to make some stock and bespoke products.
  • If you would like to recycle any polythene or polypropylene flexible films we are happy to take the product back and recycle it for you.
  • Our products made from recycled film have the added benefit of being a lower price than virgin film, use less CO2 in production and reduce the volume of waste going to landfill.
  • We have purchased a variable drive compressor that reduces our energy use by approximately 30%.
  • Our Norwich site features a state-of-the-art extraction system which removes particulates before emitting clear air into the atmosphere.
  • Any waste ink is mixed and reused for environmentally friendly products.
  • We recycle all process waste, reel cores and all possible office waste including print cartridges and paper.
  • Our staff can also benefit from the Ride2Work scheme where beneficial rates our offered on bicycles to help reduce the amount of traffic pollution and congestion on our roads.


Made Again recyled grey polythene bagsWe offer products in oxo-degradable and recycled materials to further improve our overall environmental performance and offer environmentally sound products to our customers, for more information please see our products page. If you are unsure what would be the most suitable environmental product for you then contact us to discuss your requirements.

In addition to the products we offer, we comply with all requirements of legislation and do all we can to limit environmental impacts. The Polythene Company also attempts to ensure that all our key purchasing decisions are based on the optimal environmental outcome.