Polythene mailing bag size guide

Mailing Bag Size Guide

Grey mailing bag sizeDue to the different shapes, sizes and varieties of items being packed, it’s easy to become confused when choosing the right mailing bag size for your needs!

We all know that mailing bags have become one of the most important items of packaging for retailers. With so many sizes available it’s hard to know what mailing bag size you require, so we’ve created a handy size guide. As a company we continue to review the sizes we provide from stock to ensure we can always provide a great range of options.

Size guide:
 Size (MM)  Suitable For
 120 x 160 + 35 Flap Mobile phone covers, items of jewellery
162 x 230 + 40 Flap A5 documents, DVDs / Blu-Rays, video games
 230 x 310 + 40 Flap A4 documents, books, magazines
250 x 350 + 40 Flap Smaller items of clothing (e.g. T shirts)
 305 x 405 + 40 Flap Medium items of clothing (e.g. sweatshirts)
 320 x 440 + 40 Flap Shoe box, large items of clothing (e.g. hoodies, jackets)
 350 x 500 + 50 Flap A4 lever arch file, box file
 425 x 600 + 50 Flap Extra large items of clothing (e.g. coats)
 550 x 750 + 50 Flap Blankets, cushions
 600 x 900 + 50 Flap A1 flip chart pad
 850 x 1050 + 50 Flap Extremely large boxed items

All of these sizes are available in our original grey and recycled made again®  mailing bag ranges. The most popular sizes are also available in our Spectrum® coloured mailing bags and our new divinely different®  printed range. All of these items have been tested and they all fit in the mailing bag size suggested; however, always measure the size of the item first! If we can’t meet your requirements with our stock bags we also offer custom mailing bag options.

If you are still unsure what is the best size contact us today, our team of experts can help you find the right solution!

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