Polythene reel films

How we manufacture polythene products

We may be experts in manufacturing polythene but we understand that not all of our customers are!

Here at The Polythene Company we’ve found that many of our customers are interested in learning how their products are manufactured. Unfortunately, we can’t take everyone on a tour of our factory so we thought we’d do the next best thing and create a step by step guide explaining how we manufacture your envelopes and mailing bags:

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Step 1 – Loading the polythene filmPolythene reel film

The polythene film, printed or plain, is loaded onto the end of the conversion machine. Typically the weight of the reel being loaded is around 85kg.



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Polythene bags manufacturedStep 2 – Setting the tension

Tension rollers are used to keep the film from becoming slack throughout the manufacturing process. The film runs through a series of these rollers before the next step.



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Step 3 – Folding the filmManufaturing polythene envelopes

The polythene is then fed over a kite which folds the film to the finished height, or depth, of the envelope.



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Polythene bag glue stripStep 4 – Adding the glue

If required, a ‘peel and seal’ glue strip is then added to the flap. Other additions are also made at this stage, such as sequential numbering,  safety hole punches and euro-slots.



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Step 5 – Cutting and sealing the bagManufacturing polythene bags

The polythene film now just needs to be cut and sealed to the specified finished size. This task is carried out by a hot knife which cuts and seals the polythene at the same time. The hot knife normally operates at a temperature of 350 degrees centigrade.



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manufacture polybagsStep 6 – Packing the finished product

Finally your product is made! The finished envelopes or bags are then neatly packed into the appropriately sized box, and if necessary they are then palletised.



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Now your items are ready for a next day delivery!