Recycling – What are we doing for the environment and what can we help you to do?

What are we doing for the environment and what can we help you to do?

STM Packaging Group recycles all of its process and office waste (and always has done!)

Our own process waste polythene, plus material returned from our customers, local companies, and individuals goes to a specialist reprocessor, Chase Plastics, a key partner to our Group. They reprocess the clear and mixed coloured waste separately and return the recycled polymer granules to us. Due to Chase Plastic’s unique double clean process, this material is returned with very low odour levels. We then make new products with those polymer granules – recycled clear bags, grey mailers and tube film for lots of suitable applications.

We also recycle all of our waste boxes and office paper through the usual paper recycling channels. In addition, we donate our broken pallets, waste reel cores, and any other wood waste to members of our staff with multi fuel burners to generate free and carbon neutral heat for their homes.

“But how can polythene be a good option?”

All polythene (LDPE) is recyclable. This is a key question we are being asked by customers and end users alike. To help to explain this, we have advanced plans in place to add a ‘recyclable’ or ‘recycled’ message to all of our stock mailing bags to increase public awareness and to help improve recycling levels of the product from the domestic environment. We can also offer a wide range of recycled films. Please ask one of our expert advisors if this is of interest to you and your customers.

To recycle all of your polythene products, you can return it to STM Packaging for reprocessing. If this is not convenient, you can put all polythene products into the supermarket carrier bag recycling stations and they will recycle them for you.

carrier bag recycling stations

reduce reuse recycle symbolAn exciting new project!

STM Packaging is working on a new project – we are trialling a film made from corn starch which is 100% biodegradable – we will let you know as soon as this product is available!

We believe it is great to see so many new initiatives being developed to address the effects of plastics in the environment. One eye-catching scheme in the media recently was RPC bpi, a leading plastics company, recycling very low grade polythene waste into polymer granules to be used in road building. What a fabulous use of the material where it can never litter or get into the wider environment while saving the natural resources of making bitumen.

If you have any further questions for us on this hot topic, please don’t be shy – ask us, and we are sure we can help to assure you and your supply chain of the credentials of using an ethical polythene company!