sequential numbering on polythene bags

Sequential numbering on polythene bags

Sequential numbering on polythene bags explained

Sequential numbering on polythene bags can be confusing so that’s why we’ve put together this guide to explain the uses and the various ways this can be customised to suit your needs.

sequential number in a box

What are sequentially numbered bags used for?sequentially numbered polythene cash bag

Sequential numbering is used on polythene bags to specifically identify the bag. The most common sequential numbering is for cash collection as well as returning gift vouchers or coupons.  Other uses include storing personal staff belongings i.e. on planes, trains etc.. Another use can be for holding confidential documents or products, such as exam papers, which need to be officially logged and recorded.


sequentially numbered bagHow many numbers can be printed?

Our conversion machines can print one number with up to 8 digits on any bag. This can also include dates or letters depending on what your business requires.  These numbers or letters can be printed anywhere on the bag provided that enough space is left on the design. Even with an 8 colour print you can still have the bags sequentially numbered. If you need the numbers to line up with a printed security box this is no issue and can be easily implemented. For further information on how you can customise your polythene bags visit our custom mailing bag page.


How does our machine work?sequential numbering machine

The machine we use for sequential numbering sprays the number in ink whilst the bag is being converted. Our machine can produce up to 100 bags per minute using this method. The design is printed first, and then during conversion the number is sprayed onto the bag.


polythene bag with a barcodeCan the bag also have a barcode?

Yes  – the sequentially numbered bags can also accommodate a barcode. If the film is clear a white block will be needed for the barcode to ensure this is able to be read by machines that use them. However, if printing on an opaque polythene film, such as co-extruded or grey, then you can place the barcode and sequential numbers directly onto the film. The numbers can be printed directly onto clear film with no problems but an eye-mark will be required to ensure the numbers stay in the same position on each bag during conversion.



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