Clear polythene bags

The widest range of clear polybags

With such a wide choice available how do you know which clear polybags are best for what application?

At The Polythene Company we stock a huge array of clear polythene bags and clear envelopes, all of which feature a peel and seal glue strip. Our clear polybags are manufactured in-house at our Norwich site and with 26 variations available for a next day delivery, you can rely on a speedy service! With all these options we understand that it can all seem quite confusing at first to decide which product best suits your needs, so we’ve created a guide which will hopefully ‘clear’ some up that up for you:

C6 sized bags:
  • Available as either a loose version or block-headed.
  • C6 bags measure 120mm x 160mm (4.75” x 6.3”) and as you would expect will comfortably fit A6 sized items.
  • The loose clear polybag  is manufactured in 50 micron polythene, this thickness of film will hold approximately up to 500g in weight.
  • The block-headed version is manufactured in 35 micron polythene and will hold items up to approximately 250g.
C5 sized mailing bags:
  • C5 clear polybags are available as either loose or blockheaded.
  •  Measuring 162mm x 230mm (6.3” x 9”), they’ve been designed to qualify as a Royal Mail ‘Letter’ size.
  • Please be aware though that items over 5mm in thickness may not qualify as a Royal Mail ‘Letter’ size.
  •  Our C5 clear polybags will hold A5 sized items perfectly, such as brochures and flyers.
  • The loose polybag is available in 35 micron polythene and comes either completely clear or with a white mailing band pre-printed to assist with mailings of brochures or catalogues.
  • Our block-headed version is manufactured in either 30 micron polythene, which will hold up to 200g, or a 50 micron polythene which will hold up to 500g.
  • In addition, there is also a 35 micron oxo-degradable option.
  • Why not try our C5 polypropylene bags? Perfect for when you require a high clarity, classy finish, especially useful for products which require display.
DL sized mailing bags:
  • What does DL stand for? In the envelope world it stands for Dimension Lengthwise, a standard paper envelope size.
  • These loose clear polybags are available in 35 micron polythene measuring 115mm x 230mm (4.5” x 9”).
  • They are very popular as mailing envelopes and a carrier sheet would also negate the need for a mailing label.
B5 sized mailing bags:
  • The B5 size bag, our newest stock item, measures 195mm x 255mm (7.5” x 10”).
  • This polybag is only available as a 35 micron block-headed version.
  • It is perfect for B5 sized catalogue mailing and is proving very popular with mailing houses.
Square sized mailing bags:
  • Our 230mm x 230mm (9” x 9”) square sized clear polybag is an unusual size but one that has proved to be very popular with all manner of businesses.
  • Manufactured in 35 micron polythene, these polybags will hold a wide variety of items up to approximately 250g in weight.
C4 sized mailing bags:
  • By far the most popular size, and as you would expect the one with the most options available.
  • Perfect catalogues, brochures, magazines and promotional items, the C4 size measures 230mm x 305mm (9” x 12”) and easily qualifies as a Royal Mail ‘Large Letter’ size.
  • Three different polythene thicknesses are available in the loose version; 35 micron, 50 micron and a heavy duty 70 micron which will hold up to approximately 1kg in weight.
  • The C4 clear polybags are also available in a loose option with a pre-printed white mailing band.
  • The block-headed polybags are manufactured in both 32 micron and 50 micron.
  • In addition, a block-headed 35 micron oxo-degradable version is also available.
  • Finally, a high clarity finish a polypropylene version is available, manufactured from 50 micron cast polypropylene.
Oversized C4 mailing bags:
  • For those items that are just a little bit too large for a standard C4 polybag, oversized C4 polybags are available.
  • Both the loose and blockheaded versions are manufactured using high quality 50 micron clear polythene.
  • The loose option measures 255mm x 330mm (10” x 13”).
  • The blockheaded option measures 255mm x 355mm (10” x 14”), please note this size will not be suitable for Royal Mail ‘Large Letter’ requirements.
C3 sized mailing bags:
  • Perfect for A3 documents, pads and other flat items, C3 clear polybags measure 310mm x 435mm (12.25” x 17”).
  • These polybags can hold up to 500g in weight as they are manufactured using 50 micron polythene.

Please note:
the depth of your item can affect the size needed (for example a really thick brochure), so even though your item may have the correct dimensions for one of the above sizes you will have to consider a slightly larger bag in order to seal the polybag properly. One of our larger stock bags may be suitable or we can even tailor make a bag to your specification!

As well as our wide range of stock clear polybags we can also make custom mailing bags to suit your requirements, please see our custom mailing bags page for information on all the options available. For further guidance, prices or to place an order please contact our expert sales team and be confident we will find the right bag for you. Remember; nobody knows polythene like The Polythene Company!